MegaGames don't happen without awesome volunteers to be Game Masters, and being a part of the game can be just as fun as playing the game itself. If tickets are sold out for a MegaGame near you, why not sign up to be a volunteer.

GameWeaver: We call our volunteers GameWeavers, because it is the responsibility of the team to preserve the tapestry of the MegaGame, while weaving new narrative on the fly.
Game Masters, Control, Keepers . . . in-game volunteers have many names, but it is always their responsibility to keep the game running for players. This means making sure everyone plays by the rules, but it also means coming up with new rules to cover any circumstance the players might come up with. GameWeavers are the beating heart of MegaGames, they keep the peace and keep the pace.

We are all volunteers, but MGU GameWeavers form a community, with our own events and rewards. Interested in becoming a part of our community?

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