Plum is a Professor of What?

Plum is a Professor of What?
September 7th 2010: Our Arkham Horror Session

Back to clue, normal comics too. Lots to do, lots to do. . . Hmm . . . Anyway, played an excellent round of Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. with the Artist J last night. She loves playing zombies. Normal game of Die Zombies Die, with the advanced deck thrown in for fun. I had Jake Cartwright and still didn't pull a single gun the entire game. Three things of dynamite, and each player was useless in searching and moving except for Father Joseph. It came down to the last few turns, and I had six zombies left to kill, 3 sticks of dynamite, and no fire. Sally found fire, gave all the dynamite to the Father. Jake found gas gave it to Billy. Billy found a torch.

The Father went in, after Doc Brody patched him up. Drew five zombies onto his square, and fought them all off. Billy doused a lone zombie in gasolene and the torch went out as he tried to drop it on the square. On the last turn, the father ran at the gas soaked zombie with a weldingtorch and a meat cleaver. He had to get close because if the welding torch failed to take out the zombie, he would have to take out the zombie with the meat cleaver. He tossed the last stick of dynamite at the crowd of zombies taking them all out. One zombie to go, to save the human race. He dropped the welding torch to the ground and the gas caught fire immediately. In the explosion the father could feel his body being torn apart, but knew the zombie was also already dead. With his final breath he said these words: God I hope Billy dies too, that worthless piece of crap.

And Billy died too. And everyone else (Jake and Sally, ew) lived happily ever after.

~The Author M~

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