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Go ahead kids, try this on your crush!
October 22th 2010: So we begin our second October game in the cycle (assuming you don't count the Betrayal at House on the Hill promo. Last Night on Earth is one of my appsolute favorite games, because it plays exactly the way a Zombie movie feels. Complete of course with the awful pick up line, 'This could be our last night on Earth'. For those of you unaware, the card allows the zombies to pick a male and female pair of characters who are on the same square. Those players don't get to take their next turn. They're busy.

To let you guys know a little about myself, LNOE was one of my major gateway games, alongside Puerto Rico.Something about playing a board game and having it tell you a story as rich as any movie or book, left a profound impression on me. I mean stories in D&D go without saying, but to compose a full narrative from start to finish in an hour of playing? Just wow. Made me appreciate the whole designer boardgame community a whole lot more.If you haven't had the chance to play it, I highly recomend it.

~The Author M~

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