It's All in the Reflexes
May 9th 2013:
It certainly helps to envision Chinatown as an affectionate paradoy of the systems that it is modeled after, and if we're going to talk about affectionate parodies, then we're going to have to bring John Carpenter into the mix. The Board for Chinatown has a parade on one side, and a car crash on the other, honestly, it's a little much. There's a bit of racial stereotyping that board games could benefit by getting away from. Also to answer questions about Nick, his mom is Chinese and his dad is Puerto Rican.

Board Game Art: Jenga Unchained

Old Red Jalopy has some awesome reimagined movie posters. It's a funny concept and simple twist of words, but there is a certain amount of gravity to the work. Hell it'd still probably be better than Battleship.

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