May 30th 2013:
Speaking of characters with slight meta-knowledge about how narrative effects their lives, my wife and I have been watching a lot of a show called 'Gravity Falls'. A cartoon about 2 kids working at their Great Uncles 'Shack of Mystery' in the Northwest, and encountering a boat load of American myths and paranormal stuff. The writing is clever and witty, and, like I said, the characters give a nod every once in a while to the strange workings that go on as cartoon characters. I always like to think that characters have a seperate life outside of the plots we place them into. That might just be Wreck-it Ralph (and Reboot) talking, but it is a whimsy I have entertained for quite a while. Makes you wonder what the Meeples do while you sleep.

Also Gravity Falls is on Disney (Boo) but it feels very much like an old school Nicktoon (Yay!), when was the last time you saw Disney ok something like a Gnome vomiting rainbows. Yeah, Nicktoons.
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