Board Game Cinema
May 16th 2013:
!Important Note! Going OverBoard will be reduced to a once a week schedule on Thursdays. See Here

So we're at 175 strips, and I certainly feel that I've improved since I started this comic. But I started this comic out of a love of board games, not a mastery of art (as is pretty clear, I think). If I'm really going to take this comic seriously, I'm going to have to put in the time to actually figure out how to 'art'. Seriously at this point I'm kind of just derping my way through it. I've learned a lot just by forcing myself to produce on a regular basis, but now is the time to refine that process. Additionally, I have a lot of other projects that will be coming to this site, that will be entertaining, but just don't fit into the twice a week format. I apologize in advance for the inconveniance, I hope that this will turn out best for all of us. I'll be logging the whole thing in public so you'll get the chance to watch me struggle. So there's that. Good luck me!
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