Can You Guess Who Would Go First?

Also known as Self Conscious: The Board Game
Mar 29th 2011: So the last comic before the hiatus is self referential. It's nice to have created enough comics to have some self referential humor. Made it to just about 50 strips. It's been an exciting experiance, and I can't wait to return to it. With thesis projects, graduation, and a wedding, it'd be a disservice to try and churn out lackluster comics.

The site needs a redesign, the art style could use some extra polish, the blog needs an update, the cyber floors need to be sweapt, and the interwindows need washing.

I also want to thank the readers out there who've really helped me along and made this project really feel worthwhile. It's for you folks that I abslutely promise to come back.

~The Author M~

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