Cheater Cheater Body Eater

Cheater Cheater Body Eater
March 12th 2012: There is much debate in the world of munchkin on the topic of cheating. In the original rules, there was a sentence that--perhaps as a joke, or perhaps not--seemed to encourage cheating. Some people took this to heart, others? Not so much. Me and my friends? We cheat, lie, steal, backstab to the best of our ability, every game. We're civil about it, if someone catches you, you don't get to cheat, but we've made it a part of the game. It' definately something that needs to be agreed upon beforehand, but I highly recomend it for the right folks. Rule bending is certainly a part of that. My best move, personally, was snagging peoples items when they weren't looking and then immediately selling them for a level. We also kept track of levels with scraps of paper, and one friend got away with duplicating quite a few. Uproarious hilarity was had by all, and quite frankly, the thematic elements of munchkin make it feel so right. I wouldn't ever imagine cheating at a different board game.
Something for you to chew on.
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