College Games

College Games
February 7th 2013:
I will be wandering New York Toyfair this coming Sunday and Tuesday, and I will be at the Chitag Meetup, Tuesday Evening. If you want to meet me in person . . . "+ Good luck! I don't have a smartphone or anyway to broadcast my location, so if you can find me, I will be very impressed (creeped out?). Board Game Art Thursday!"+

Board Game Art: Lady Monopoly

Inde is a fantastic artist with a recent run of art; the Girls of Classic Board Games. Lady Monopoly (Polly) is my favorite, the manic gleam of captialism in her eye really captures the feeling a person has 5 hours into a game of Monopoly: Abject Madness. Check her deviantart for other girls, she has a lovely art style and eye for details.

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