Even Jenga Gods, Can Bleed

Even Jenga Gods, Can Bleed
February 28th 2013:
Did I just reference a movie that is 7 Years old? Cripes! Let me reference other old people pop culture now. Maybe poke a couple jokes at lite brite or dinosaurs.

In other more recent news, it's Board Game Art Thursday!

Board Game Art: Game Nouveau

Alexandra Douglass is an artist of incredibly high caliber, and has some very elegant prints of this image. She'll actually be on Penny Arcade's Strip Search, so be on the look out for her this Friday. Game Nouveau, is an incredible piece that echoes the seduction and elegance of the Art Nouveau Style. The Elf is relaxed, but displaying strength, both in magic and posture. The juxtaposition of geometric game elements alongside natural floral patterns, visually describes that same dichotomy we find in games. A look at the tools of representation alongside that which they represent.

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