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This happens almost every time we play uno

Feb 11th 2010: Comics return! I'm certainly glad for it, making these comics and putting this all together has been a lot of fun

Which brings me to some news. We've got a handful of comics and fun stuff for you wonderful readers you, but (and here comes the infamous conjunction) I'm sorry to say that there is another hiatus lurking in the future. Nearer than I'd hoped

Let me explain. So this is the last semmester of college for both the Artist J and I, big projects all around. So graduation is coming up in about 3 months now.Plus, for those of you who don't already know, the Artist J and I are engaged and getting married on June 11th (three weeks after graduation). After which we're planning a grand tour of Europe, followed by entry into the dastardly 'real' world.

What does this mean?: We've got maybe 2 and a half months of comics set up, but after that we're looking at a year long hiatus. That's just the way things work. I appeciate all the support I've received thusfar, you readers have been really great. After that year however, I'm really excited to make this comic fly, I have a lot of idea's regarding an interactive website, a forum, and lots of comics, that my student schedule simply does not permit.I thank you all for your support, and hope you enjoy the next couple months of comics we have in store for you.

~The Author M~

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