The Evolution of War

The Evolution of War
December 6th 2012:
Posters are now available, an excellent addition to any game room. 11x17 these posters come with free shipping. The first 10 posters I send out will be upgraded automatically for free. If you order a regular poster, it becomes a signed artists edition, with a doodle from your favorite board game. If you're one of the first ten and you order an artist edition poster, it will upgrade to a deluxe poster (limited edition) with a signiture, a doodle, and an doodle of an Overboard character making a quip based on the game. Order before December 13th to get yours delivered in time for Christmas!
Also, Board Game Art!

Sheep Town

This lovely comic comes from Montiray of Phuzzy Comics, a semi-autobiographical webcomic filled with whimsy and humor. She's got a couple more board game comics in there that I adore. Currently, she's putting out with a story arc from an upcoming anthology. I've only recently encountered her work, but I got hooked and read her entire archive. It's good stuff.

There's also a ton of new junk laying around the site, that I'll more fully explain soon, but feel free to explore for yourself.
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