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I call Lancelot as Traitor
Dec 3rd 2010: There's actually a whole lot going on with the whole Lancelot doesn't help out a lot. In a lot of the myths he apparently went off on his own, disguised himself, and beat the shit out of his fellow knights to test their skill. Sure, ok there's a reason behind it, but I can't help but think that all the other knights would think he's a total douchebag. 'Hey Bill you look like crap,' 'Yeah, I thought Lancelot wanted to go for drinks, turns out he just needed a punching bag'.

Suppose Lance did have a lot going on he needed to work through, what with the whole sleeping with Gwen.

Also, mildly unrelatedI dislike the new show Merlin intensly, but I loved the Merlin mini series back in '98.

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