August 22nd 2013:
Black and white comic today? What gives?

Alright folks, I'm going to level with you. Being on the road for a week did not make for an easy comic . Furthermore, I don't think you guys are appreciating the once a week format, and I'm not exactly delivering my best work. We've heard this song an dance before, but I really need to shut the comic down for a while so I can get my bearings, and get this all sorted out. There is a new web business that I will be spearheading that will attach to this comic, so you'll see some of that. 3D Printed Board Game Components. I love this comic, but until that gets a little altitude, I'm not going to be able to deliver the comic you deserve. That being said, next weeks comic will wrap up the story arc nicely, then we're taking a hiatus for the rest of the year. You'll see plenty of updates, but comics will resume in proper order on January 1st, 2014.
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