Test Preparation Pt 2

Test Preparation Pt 2
April 18th 2013:
Living and working in Boston, it's been a weird few days. I work right in the Copley area, and hearing the national news describing the area of the bombings . . . their all landmarks I pass by on a near daily basis. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this terrible tragedy. It has brought out good in people, from the heroes on the ground when the bombs went off to the people giving aid after the fact. An awesome friend of mine from back home even managed to setup a charity to send stranded victims pizza. I've only been in Boston for about two years, but in that time, I've come to know Bostonians as some of the heartiest and most sincere people I've ever known. We're sticking together to get through this as best we can. In the meantime, I've taken the time to play board games with my wife, really spending quality time together. Grab a game, grab someone you love, and make the most of our time.

Board Game Art: Small World

Miguel Coimbra does illustations for some very well known board games. Not the least of which is Small World. The first couple of times you play Small World, it becomes quickly apparent that the board is not quite big enough for players to coexist happily, that's by design. Coimbra's box art captures this element of the game perfectly. If you've ever been completely wiped off the map, you know how the human in the bottom left feels. My wife commented that it was a shame there is only one female character on the box. While I agree there could be more, I definately think that the dwarf in the center is definately a lady. Dwarf women are hide to identify (since they also grow beards) but I think the dwarf has a certain feminine mystique (at least as much as a dwarf ever reall generates)

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