Four Cups, One Metaphor?

Four Cups, One Metaphor?
April 12nd 2012: Happy Thursday. I hope everyone had a nice Easter and/or PAX East(er). If you were at the con, I was the one wandering around as Tron Link and my wife as a Tron Gerudo. Long weekend! Played a lot of new games and even got an out of print game from a cool guy off of Board Game Geek. The website continues to get little fixes here and there, let me know if you find any pit falls.

In other news! We have our winner from the Cameo Contest. He's still deciding on his prize, but I can relay to you the correct answers.
Comic 1: Solid Snake, Mario, Toad, Master Chief
Comic 2: Cloud, Link, The Heavy, Samus
Comic 3: Phoenix Wright, Amy Rose, Mega Man
Comic 4: Kirby, Caitlyn (League Champion), Frank West, Gordon Freeman, and Faith
Comic 5: Chun Li, Zelda, Peach, Chell

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